Home Automation With PowerShell

Home Automation is probably not something we can’t live without. But it is fun 🙂

A while ago I bought a little device called “Tellstick Net“, which is a device made for controlling other electrical devices, like dimming your lamps, turning on/off sockets, or for receiving data from different sensors, like temperature.

It had one obvious disadvantage though, it didn’t have PowerShell support…

Luckily this is a problem that has an easy fix! I went with a “quick and dirty” method of talking to the API site, but it has worked pretty much flawlessly for over a year now.

I will post more information about this project on this blog, but I thought I could start with some screenshots to help you get an idea on what you can do: (sorry for naming my devices in swedish…)

telldus cmdlet




This module has for example been used for water plants during vacations (giving extra water during hot days), turning of lights when launching media players etc…

This module is now published at the PowerShell Gallery. You can get the latest version at this link.

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