Home Automation Module Updated

The home automation module for the Tellstick Net is now updated.

The main difference is that some executing cmdlets dont generate output if you dont use “-Verbose” and that authentication is set up by the “Connect-TelldusLive”-cmdlet (Which uses a PSCredential). That means that the Username and Password parameters are removed from all other cmdlets. This makes the usage a lot simpler and also a lot quicker.

A screenshot to get you an idea on how to use it: (Device names are in Swedish, sorry…)

This module is now published at the PowerShell Gallery. You can get the latest version at this link.

5 thoughts on “Home Automation Module Updated

  1. Pål

    Pretty awesome! Getting started with Powershell myself, and I have been wanting a Tellstick for a long time… Which Tellstick do you use? I guess you might need the Duo for this, to work not the Net.

    1. admin Post author

      This is actually for the Tellstick Net only, it communicates with the Telldus Live! service through the web API.

      That also means that the scripts can run from anywhere with internet access, a virtual server in the cloud for example 🙂

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